‘Civilization 6’ Leaders Guide, Gameplay, News & Update: Montezuma Of The Aztecs & Cleopatra Of Egypt Strengths, Perks! More Gameplay Details Revealed

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Dec 09, 2016 06:50 AM EST

One clamor from players of Firaxis' strategy title is some sort of a "Civilization 6" leaders guide, as evidently, the leader being chosen from the start will invariably affect the player's strategy for the entire game. Players, especially those new to the franchise, are left to their own devices on how to approach the different victory conditions. With the game being one of the most complicated strategy games out there, a "Civilization 6" leaders guide would really come in handy. In this article, the strengths and special skills of two leaders are discussed to give new players some idea on how to approach the game when playing as these two leaders or if one encounters them as rivals.

'Civilization 6' Leaders Guide - Montezuma of the Aztecs

Playing as Montezuma, leader of the Aztec civ, grants gamers certain perks. For instance, the "Civilization 6' leader's ability called Legend of the Five Suns allows for speedier completion of projects at the expense of builder units, reports Digital Trends.

In addition, the Aztec unique unit Eagle Warrior is best against cavalry with the chance of capturing enemy units and turning them into builders. The unique building for this "Civilization 6" civ is called Tlachtli, which grants Great General points, faith and amenities per turn.

Among the "Civilization 6" leaders, Montezuma is probably the one most obsessed with luxury resources. He will resent other civs who possess different luxuries that the Aztecs. Conversely, the Aztec leader is said to be friendlier to civs with similar luxury resources But his preoccupation with luxury resources is something players can take advantage of. Gifts of the Tlatoani, his unique ability, give amenities to two additional cities of his empire. Luxuries also give different combat buffs to his units, making the Aztec empire ideal as an early game expansionist empire.

'Civilization 6' Leaders Guide - Cleopatra of Egypt

Cleopatra is also one of the "Civilization 6" leaders that players may use for her early game military and trade advantages. Her unique ability name Mediterranean's Bride grants Egypt enviable gold bonuses to new trade routes as well as food and gold bonuses for other civ's trade route with Egypt.

On the military side, Cleopatra is also one of the "Civilization 6" leaders that could do well militarily in early game. The Egyptian's unique unit Maryannu Chariot Archer has movement bonus when in open terrain.

Given the two "Civilization 6" leaders' unique skills and perks, it is easy to see that these two civs could be used effectively in aggressive strategy early in the game. The Egyptian civ is particularly attractive for the trade and gold perks it receives with gold being a very important resource in the game. Be sure to stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Civ 6" leaders guide featuring other leaders.

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