'Persona 5' Release Date, News & Update: Atlus Reveals Longer Gameplay; Introduces Futaba, the Hacker of the Group!

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Dec 09, 2016 04:30 AM EST

"Persona 5" is not out yet but it was learned that it may be the longest game among the series yet. This fact was revealed after the game's developer commented on the length of the gameplay.

In the previous PlayStation Experience, Dualshockers was able to talk to some people from Atlus. During the discussion, it was mentioned that the English script of "Persona 5" holds 50 percent more dialogue compared to its predecessor Persona 4's Golden.

Basically, this means that "Persona 5" is 1.5 times broader than Golden, the PS Vita version for "Persona 4," and this is quite a considerable margin. It can be recalled that the Golden added ten hours of gameplay to the original 4th installment so, just by looking at that length, gamers can get a picture of how big the fifth installment of the game will be.

In any case, the new team member of "Persona 5" Phantom Thieves was revealed by Atlus on Dec. 6. She was introduced as the hacker of the team and her name is Futaba Sakura. The new member joins the group of previously unveiled protagonists namely Morgana, Ryuji, Yusuke, Makoto and Ann.

In the "Persona 5" game, Futaba will be on the sidelines most of the time. She will not be as active in battles but she will give her full support to her team by furnishing them with useful information to defeat their enemies.

Apparently, since she is a hacker in "Persona 5," she mostly communicates with others through the internet. Her knowledge in the world of technology is so amazing that it is considered as her gift.

"Persona 5" has been confirmed to be released in Europe and North America on April 4, 2017. Games can now pre-order the game at several game retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Gamestop, Walmart and Target.

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