'Pokemon Go Gen 2' News & Update: Changes Set To Come; Pokemon Genders, Costume & A Whole Lot More!

By Anna , Updated Dec 09, 2016 07:12 PM EST

Lots of latest updates and changes are now strolling and coming next to "Pokemon Go." Fans are now excited as they may be able to catch some Legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo, Articuno and some next generation of creatures as the report were confirmed by Niantic that Gen 2 is coming.

The Silph Road revealed that the latest Android update will include 100 new Pokemon in its latest version (v0.49) wherein the audio files for species 1-251 have been included. A whole lot of ideas are now popping out about what players can expect in the new features.

As per the report of Business Insider, Pokemon can now breed and Pokemon genders are now being added with Gen 2. Yes, according to the report, both male and female Pokemon are now referenced in the game's code, though it is still vague how the genders are implemented and there still no indicator showing whether the Pokemon is female or a male. But according to iDigital times, the indication is present in the back end.

Another one will be the Ulta rare "Shiny Pokemon" will be catchable! Though players knew exactly that they will be having a hard time in catching this rare Pokemon as the Shiny Pokemon are in the traditional card-collecting game.

One of the latest is the Avatar customization, as there will be more code references to trainers customization, wherein players can change aspects its appearance like the hair, pants, shirt, eyes, hat, or backpack for free or possibly through in-app purchases.

There are still a lot more from the report about the latest update of Pokemon Go that includes the Baby Pokemon, new sponsor placeholders like the grill and smoker, and the sightings or the nearby tweaks which mostly focus on loading PokeStop images without freezing the gameplay.

The last but the least on the latest update of the game is the Pokemon Costumes! Pokemon now has costumes as there was a whole new code that allows Pokemon to have one. The first type is Holiday. Reports though are not yet confirmed, but everyone will be enlightened as soon as December 12 arrive.

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