‘Airpods’ Release Date, News & Update: Apple Faces Major Glitch, Won’t Make It For December Release

By Jun Pasaylo , Updated Dec 09, 2016 04:47 AM EST

The bug fixes that Apple needs on its Airpods are beyond simple although it successfully prevented these technical problems from leaking outside Cupertino. But the fact that it missed two of the biggest sales seasons of the year - Black Friday and Cyber Monday - revealed the severity of the glitch.

In October, Apple has said that it need "a little more" to make Airpods ready. With the month of December rolling onto its second week, Airpods are nowhere to be found in the tech market.

But what made Apple fans to crave for Airpods? Is the highly publicized add-ons worth the wait? Is the delay part of hype-building, or simply a miscalculated risk taken by Apple when it ditch away the classic headphone jack from its iPhone device?

At $159 USD price tag, the Airpods is not an ordinary pair of wireless earphones. It comes with W1 chips that provides reliable wireless connections and better battery life. The Airpods has a voice accelerometer feature that recognizes when you are talking which automatically filters noise to focus on the sound of your voice. It is equipped with a built-in sensor that knows when they are in your ears and automatically pauses the audio when they are removed.

It can activate Siri without removing your phones from your bags or pockets. It has the ability to sync with all Apple devices, and can connect to them, effortlessly. These are among the reasons that fans are drooling for this device even after repeated delays of it delivery dates.

If not for a major fault, there is no better season for Apple to release the device but within the last quarter of the year, when the purchasing power of the consumer market was at its peak. Missing this window of opportunity could hurt Apple in some way, not counting the discomforts and pains it incurred to its loyal customers.

While Apple fans are grinding their teeth for the blunder caused by the delay of Airpods, the tech giant has few words - "currently not available", "coming soon", "a little more time", and "in a few weeks."

Is the Cupertino giant losing its magic in the tech market? Watch this:

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