‘Final Fantasy XV’ Weapons Guide: Rule the Battlefield, Enhance Combat Skills With These Incredible Weapons! More Gameplay Details, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Dec 09, 2016 07:40 AM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" fans may want to get hold of the top five weapons in the game. There are a plethora of weapons in the game with different effects and useful in various combat situations. Every weapon seems to be perfectly balanced. However, getting the top five weapons will significantly enhance the combat skill.

The Force Stealer weapon in "Final Fantasy XV" may have only a damage of 210 but when upgraded to Attack II, its damage increases to a massive 463. When equipped, the weapon has 202 HP and 6 MP. Tony the Carrot Guy sells the weapon in exchange of some carrots. The Hyper Magnum weapon's damage is 388 and once equipped, it provides an additional 21 Spirit to the character.

Players need to reach Level 55 to receive the Hyper Magnum. It is one of the top five weapons in "Final Fantasy XV" that every player must have. The next must-have weapon is the Mace of the Fierce produces an incredible 334 damage and 300 HP. It is suitable for the defensive type players as the weapon comes with a 50 percent shot resistance thereby providing extra defense for range attacks.

"Final Fantasy XV" players will get more range power from Bow of the Clever weapon as it provides a damage of 203 and also 50 percent Shot Resistance and 50 percent Magic. The weapon provides enough power to tackle enemies at a long distance. The weapon with the highest damage is Blade of the Mystic though.

This "Final Fantasy XV" weapon produces a massive 396 damage and provides 20 percent dark resistance, 30 Vitality and 150 additional HP. Players stand the best chance to defeat the Dark-type enemies and win the battlefield with this weapon. Stay tuned on GameNGuide for more updates on "Final Fantasy XV."

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