Microsoft Latest News & Update: Tech Giant Develops Zo New AI Chatbot In Kik Messenger; A Replacement To Tay?

By M PEO , Updated Dec 09, 2016 06:42 PM EST

Microsoft has released its newest artificial intelligence chatbot in Kik messenger on Sunday. The AI chatbot is the successor of Microsoft's bot, Tay, which was forced to shut down recently.

Zo is the second attempt of Microsoft in AI chatbot after its predecessor Tay was forced to shut down since the bot spout racist and sexist comments. The Zo chatbot is included in Kik messenger as a preview when downloaded from an App store.

According to CNet, Microsoft's Zo chatbot in Kik messenger is locked down to prevent any rampage that happened to Tay chatbot. Zo is not allowed to talk about politics and any sensitive topics so as not to corrupt the learning process of the chatbot.

To test the Zo AI chatbot of Microsoft, smartphone users who already downloaded the Kik messenger need to tap the chat icon and type the username A chat window will appear where users can throw out questions to Zo as if the users are just chatting with their friend.

Microsoft's Zo AI chatbot converse in a millennial kind of way in Kik messenger which aimed to attract 18 to 24-year-old users. The chatbot can respond to any prompt questions using a teenage slang and it can even send emoji and puns, Daily Mail reported.  

However, users who have tried Zo Ai chatbot of Microsoft were not happy with their experience as the conversation went off a tangent chat. Some users posted their dismay with the latest artificial intelligence AI added in Kik Messenger.

Twitter user Chris Baldwin said, "My chat on Kik with Zo who is the new Microsoft AI-powered chatbot was not very cool. Dumb conversation, I had hoped for better." He posted the screenshot of his conversation with Zo but, the chatbot's answer was way too far from the Baldwin questions.

Meanwhile, aside from ZO ai chatbot in Kik messenger and the recently shut down bot Tay, are not the only artificial intelligence bot that Microsoft created. Microsoft and Bing team also built Xiaoice for the Chinese market in 2014. 


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