Will Smith Worried After Seeing The Footage Of A Lion In His Backyard

By Sunidhi , Updated Dec 09, 2016 08:29 PM EST

The actor Will Smith said that a lion came into his backyard. Haha! Is it a joke? Well no. It is not a joke and it actually happened. As Will Smith came to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" he discussed many things among which one, of the thing was that a Lion actually came into his backyard and he thinks that it is still living nearby.

 According to a CCTV footage of Will's backyard a lion was seen and was really more like a mountain lion or a feral big cat. Since the lion has been spotted, the actor have been too much worried about his kids, as it could hurt them if they ever come face to face . Well! It is really a dangerous thing.  No normal person would ever want a tiger to live in his backyard.

It can attack someone and take someone's life too. On Thursday when will came to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" he showed the actual footage that was captured.While showing this he said that the place where the Lion has been seen is just 25 Yards away from his bedroom. For help he called the rangers. "The ranger comes out, he looks at the tape and he says, 'Oh, yeah, you got a lion!' When he asked the experts to tell him some measures to keep that unwelcomed guest away from him home, they told him to buy Lion's urine.

 He added "That's what they do ... Lion urine is, like, $38.99 a gallon ... I can see why it would be expensive, because someone has to get it. They do a circle of the lion urine around your house and apparently that keeps other lions away." He continued "I thought he (ranger) should have at least been able to relocate it to Denzel's (Washington) house."

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