'Dota 2' Latest News & Update: Pudge The Butcher, Best Ganker In The Game.

By Jerome , Updated Dec 09, 2016 10:42 AM EST

Pudge the Butcher, is a melee strength in "Dota 2" a free to play Multiplayer Online Battle arena. Pudge is one of the best ganker in "Dota 2".

Pudge is one of the feared hero in "Dota 2" as Pudge is one of the best and strongest ganker in the game. His skills will not let his enemies escape his butchery.  The first skill of Pudge, Meat Hook, one of the best ganking skill in "Dota 2," that launches a bloody hook toward a unit location that drags the first unit that his hook encounter back to Pudge dealing damage.

Meat hook has incredible cast range that some players will get surprise once they get captured. If Pudge has an equip Aghanim's scepter, then the cool down will reduces and it will increase it's damage.

Rot, is a toxic cloud releases from Pudge body that deals intense damage and slow movement speed of enemies in "Dota 2". This skills also harms Pudge himself. Players can use this skills once a target has been hook back to Pudge position then activates rot slowing and damaging opponents.

Pudge has a passive skill in "Dota 2" called Flesh Heap, this allow Pudge to gain resistance to magic damage. It also give bonus strength that increases each time Pudge kill a hero or it dies within his vicinity. Flesh heap makes Pudge really durable.

The ultimate skill of Pudge in "Dota 2" is Dismember. The name of the skill Dismember is really for a butcher like Pudge. Pudge chows down an enemy unit disabling him and it deal damage overtime to an enemy and will healed Pudge for the same amount of damage.

Once Pudge manage to Meat Hook back an enemy hero to him and used Dismember, Pudge will shot "Fresh meat" that can be heard globally on Dota 2 map. A lot of players is using Pudge in Middle lane of "Dota 2".

Once Pudge disappear on the map, everyone is in caution as Pudge might release his Meat Hook that many players are scared of. Pudge can be a difficult hero to use as players needs to make sure Meat Hook will hit an enemy unit, But once they manage to master Pudge, then players will surely dominate "Dota 2" by ganking.

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