Apple iPhone 8 December 2016 Rumor Roundup

By Ten L. , Updated Dec 09, 2016 09:26 PM EST

The rumors about the iPhone 8 are quite an interesting thing. Sometimes they contradict and sometimes they agree with each other. The latest news is quite the biggest shocker. Apparently, recent news suggest that there may not be an iPhone 8 after all. It was said that fans may be seeing an iPhone 7S and 7S Plus instead. Needless to say, there could always be a loophole. In fact, it's still not impossible to see three iPhones next year.

Apple iPhone 8 Specs Rumors

Right now, it has already been pointed out more than a dozen times that the iPhone 8 would come with an all-glass body, a curved display and without a home button. All necessary things like the fingerprint scanner and the cameras could be tucked inside the display. Furthermore, the said iPhone could also be wireless charging enabled. For the phone's internals, the next iPhone should be powered by an A11 processor.

Apple iPhone 7S / 7S Plus Speculation

As contradictory as it may seem, but the most recent news suggest that there will be an iPhone 7S and 7S Plus coming in next year and there would even be a red-colored variant. This has caused a bunch of tech followers to fear the absence of the rumored iPhone 8. Well, you can't really blame people for assuming so considering the fact that Apple hasn't exactly been generous when it comes to info.

Nevertheless, it's also worth noting that an earlier rumor has already suggested that there will be three iPhone variants coming in this 2017. This means that the 7S and 7S Plus could indeed come, but it won't necessarily mean that the iPhone 8 will no longer show up. It could actually come with them two. The so-called "iPhone 8" could be introduced with a different name but debunking the high-end iPhone variant may be too late now.

Take note that the next generation of iPhone will be Apple's tenth iPhone so as an anniversary iPhone, the next release should be special. With that said, it won't be impossible to see regular iPhone 7 and 7 Plus successors and a special premium release as well. Needless to say, fans just have to wait for Apple to release an official statement. This huge wave of rumors could actually mean that the actual official info should be coming soon. Stay tuned for more iPhone 8 news and updates!

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