'Pokemon Go' Latest Update: Cosmetics & Costumes Will Be Added This Month In Line With The Festive Season, Is It Worth It?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 09, 2016 09:17 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" the augmented reality game, together with catching Pokemons and gaining bonuses on PokeStops are having a huge update this December 12. This month will have a huge basket of updates that will be adding newer generations of Pokemons.

However, Niantic Labs will not only release those but pair it with festive costumes to sync with the holiday spirit and welcome trainers with season's greetings. This could mean that Pokemons both caught and appear in the wild will have costumes like Santa hats, scarves, and mittens. Time passes by quickly and the update will be released in a few days.

Costumes for Christmas with new generation Pokemons?

Yes, Niantic Labs announced the official and massive update of the game that adds newer Pokemons that can be caught, which is a Christmas gift for patrons of "Pokemon Go." Based on a post from Forbes, SilphRoad, discovered that there are codes for codes for costumes for Pokemon, which also have own physics.

Now, these physics attribute confirms that costumes are not limited to caught Pokemons but also to wild Pokemons nearby or during encounters. Just like the famous game now, which is "Pokemon Sun and Moon," Pokemons have clothes to wear in this cold season.

There are costumes for the player's Avatar as well and other update notes?

"Pokemon Go" includes these costumes thanks to SilphRoad for data mining the APK. Other than that, if the costumes for Pokemons are there, Avatar costumes will have new sets as well including hats, shoes, shirts, pants, and many more customization added in the said game. Some of these costume parts are purchased while some are unlocked.

Of course, Niantic Labs, the creator of the game needs to have funds to further enhance the game in the future and keep it going. To top it off, the official update notes include minor text fixes, ease of transferring Pokemons to Professor Willow, and the types of each Pokemons in gym battles approach and screen. Indeed, this is a Christmas present for players of "Pokemon Go."


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