'Pokemon Go' Latest Update: Shiny Pokemons Expected In New Upcoming Update This Month? Gender & Breeding Included?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 09, 2016 09:18 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" is prepping up their updates and setting it this month. Christmas is coming soon and Niantic Labs bundled numerous features including new generation Pokemons that will be released sometime this month. In addition, SilphRoad discovered voice files that is said to belong to these new generation Pokemons.

However, Niantic Labs will still release it sometime soon. Another thing that was discovered was the labels in the codes that states "Holiday", which pertains to the festive season this month. So, Pokemons will have costumes as well as the Avatar. Most importantly, the codes seem to tell that there may be an addition for Shiny Pokemon updates including Breeding and Genders.

Official update notes from Niantic Labs to be released this month

Niantic Labs released their updates notes for "Pokemon Go" in their website that includes minor text fixes, types are not visible in gym battles and approach, displays the total kilometers walked from a buddy Pokemon, and the ease of transferring caught Pokemons to Professor Willow by tapping and holding on the screen to activate it. Now, focusing on the Shiny Pokemons , this is rumored to be included in the upcoming update.

If a Shiny appears, you are lucky

In previous games of Pokemon by Game Freak, Shiny Pokemons are treated as an accomplishment because of the occurrence ratio in the game, which is 1 is to 1000. The upcoming update may contain Shiny Pokemon that SilphRoad, the dedicated team in mining the date for "Pokemon Go," mentioned. Since there are no data involving any Shiny Pokemon codes, the team is expecting that this feature will be included in the upcoming update.

Aside from Shinies, the Pokemon's Gender and Breeding are two of the features that will be coming soon. Baby Pokemons will be there and can be with players. Gender is sure because the said team discovered a code that is labeled "Gender." For more updates regarding Pokemon Go, stay tuned for more.


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