'The Last Guardian’ Guide: How to Get the Complete Ending

By Allan , Updated Dec 09, 2016 06:40 PM EST

Gamers that have finished "The Last Guardian" are a bit sad with how the story in the game ended. Did Trico really died or was there something wrong with the boy? Don't worry, there is so much more to see after the game ended and this guide will help players watch the complete ending. However, for those that have not yet finished the game, this article includes major spoilers so it may not be a good idea to continue reading if the player is not yet done with the game.

The Last Scenes in "The Last Guardian"

In the last scenes of the game, a wounded Trico is seen holding the boy in his mouth as the tower begin to fall down. Then Trico does his best to bring the boy to his village. Its obvious that Trico could barely make it but he is determined to bring the boy back. They went through a lot of things and gone through an impossible journey but he has no choice but to bring him back to where he really belongs.

Then the game ends with Trico arriving at the village to bring back the boy but the villagers seem to be scared of him. All the villagers got around him with spears on their hand and ready to attack with one wrong move from Trico. So he vomits out the boy and left immediately. Villagers who don't really know what is happening instinctively threw spears at Trico as he go farther and farther from the village.

How to Get the Complete Ending of "The Last Guardian"

This has left players with so much worries what could have happened to Trico. But there is actually more to the story that players may have missed. After the last scene, players just need to stick to the screen until the credits end. A new cut scene will show in the screen that will show what happens next to Trico and his friend.

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