‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Shiny Pokemon To Be Added? New Features Revealed! Details Here!

By Kenneth Bren Briones , Updated Dec 10, 2016 09:38 AM EST

When Niantic Labs is about to release a new update on the "Pokemon Go," it seems that it cannot be kept under wraps for too long. Dataminers have unearthed new information that the game will have a new batch of Pokemon joining the mobile game. New features like costumes, gender, and trainer customization will be added too.

Datamined information gives clues and hints towards what "Pokemon Go" holds for the future. Dataminers found a compelling evidence that a new batch of Pokemon will be joining the AR game - the Shiny Pokemon. For those who are not aware of what these Shiny Pokemon are, they are basically the rare versions of basic Pokemon. They have a different color scheme and is usually a stronger version of the average Pokemon. These Shiny Pokemon are perfect for battling and breeding, though hard to find.

In connection to breeding, reports are pointing that gender may be soon available to "Pokemon Go" in a future update. The game files revealed icons that describe gender in the new files of the game, thus igniting speculations that breeding is coming in the future updates of "Pokemon Go".

In addition to that, dataminers unearthed other items in "Pokemon Go" like new customization items for trainers and Pokemon costumes. Both features appeared to be a small transaction in nature. For the trainers' feat, it is very likely that some customization options would be free and some purchasable. This  is what players of "Pokemon Go" have been clamoring about -- new sets of costumes!

Moreover, it is very probable that these new Pokemon costumes will be themed about the holiday. Players of "Pokemon Go" might expect to see and catch Pokemon in the wild wearing holiday-inspired costumes. These new features may or may not end up in the finished game of "Pokemon Go". That being said, players of this hyped game must treat this as a potential and not a guaranteed addition. We will soon find out in the next major update of "Pokemon Go" on Dec. 12.

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