‘Bridge VR Headset’ Release Date, News & Updates: Occipital Brings Ultimate VR Experience To Apple iPhones

By Jun Pasaylo , Updated Dec 10, 2016 07:46 AM EST

If you are an Apple fan and anxiously waiting for the Cupertino giant to join the bandwagon of virtual reality technology. Look no further and wait no longer, someone just made it possible for Apple smartphone devices. The Bridge, a VR headset designed and manufactured by Occipital, lets iPhone owners to instantly experience immersive mixed and virtual reality.

What makes Bridge special is its Structure Sensor technology that capture precise 3D representation of the real world and create seamless digital overlays onto it. Unlike other VR devices that need gaming PC, Bridge is mobile optimized and can render mixed reality experiences at high frame rates on current generation mobile devices.

Occipital however pointed out that Bridge is design exclusively to pair with iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 although optimize experience can be enjoy using the latest Apple smartphone. Bridge Engine efficiently synthesizes data from the Structure Sensor's depth sensing system and iPhone's color camera and IMU to deliver breathtaking mixed reality experiences. It can also work on existing iOs VR apps and 360-degree content, including movies.

Its Structure Sensor enables both large-scale positional tracking and real-time obstacle avoidance in VR worlds, so users can confidently explore their virtual environment. Unlike other VR gadgets, Bridge allows virtual character to enter our world and interact with our environment - an experience where fantasy and reality are rolled into one.

"Bridge can allow virtual content and characters to merge realistically with real world environments. A virtual character can hide under the kitchen table, or run across a couch. And a virtual ray gun could blow a hole in the living room wall, revealing a portal from the real world to a magic world...or a friend's house halfway around the world," said Adam Rodnitzky, Occipital VP for Marketing.

Powered by iOS 9+, Bridge boosts 640x480 resolution, a 60fps refresh rate, and a PMMA Optical-Grade Acrylic lens. It will hit the market starting March 2017 with a $399 price tag. But early takers can enjoy the limited quantity of its Explorer Edition starting December 16 for $499.Watch the preview of this breathtaking innovation in VR technology here:

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