'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Niantic Draw Back Its Former Players Using Nearby Tracker; What The New Nearby Tracker Features

By Daniel Flores , Updated Dec 10, 2016 09:57 PM EST

Niantic did release the new Nearby Tracker update for "Pokemon Go" that every player has been waiting for the whole time. The Nearby Tracker comes with new features that even former "Pokemon Go" may want to join in again for another hunt of mythical creatures across the city.

New Nearby Tracker For 'Pokemon Go'

Niantic posted on a blog post stating that to provide better experience in searching Pokemons in "Pokemon Go", the company introduces a new version of the Nearby Tracker. Niantic added that the Nearby Tracker on "Pokemon Go" may only function when PokeStops are in range.

This means that "Pokemon Go" players may have to be more reliant to PokeStops in the game, since players can't detect any Pokemons if PokeStops are too far away. The Nearby Tracker may also have a negative effect for "Pokemon Go" players who are on the rural areas, giving players a hard time finding Pokemons.

However, several "Pokemon Go" players have notice that if there are no PokeStops nearby, players can have the Nearby Tracker and the Sighting System working at the same time. However, if "Pokemon Go" players spot three or more Pokemons on PokeStops, the Sightings System disappears.

There are reports that an upcoming "Pokemon Go" update may improve the Sightings System for the game. "Pokemon Go" players can expect the Sightings System having an improved look and can detect more Pokemons in the vicinity.

The Sightings System is also believed to be an exact replica of the original track "Pokemon Go" release in its first month. However, official news about the said track may not be true and "Pokemon Go" players may take the report with a grain of salt.

"Pokemon Go" has taken some brutal blows in the past months when Niantic keeps making unnecessary decisions on improving "Pokemon Go." So far, many loyal "Pokemon Go" player have stop playing the augmented reality game due to Niantic's multiple shortcomings.

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