Super Mario 3D World Tips: Unlocking Luigi Bros. Mini-Game, and The Legend of Zelda Easter Egg Spotted in Super Mario 3D World [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Nov 22, 2013 11:40 AM EST

As you may or may not know, 2013 has been officially declared by Nintendo as "The Year of Luigi" by Nintendo, hence all the games that have been coming out this year featuring the green bean as the star, like Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon, New Super Luigi U, or Mario & Luigi Dream Team, recognizing the plumber who's spent much of his time in Mario's shadow. The end of the year is approaching quickly, meaning so is Luigi's time in the limelight. But we're not done yet. The bush colored Bowser basher may be sharing his year with a few other Mushroom Kingdom regulars in Super Mario 3D World, but he's the only one with an in-game mini-game all his own, and we're going to tell you how to access it.

Some of you older readers may remember an interesting co-op game in Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES, and still yet, some of you may even remember plunging quarter after quarter into it in the arcades. The game was simply called Mario Bros., and was the first game to name Mario as Mario (instead of Jumpman in Donkey Kong), introduce Luigi, and establish both of them as plumbers. But this year being what it is, to hell with Mario. This time, it's all about Luigi and Luigi Bros. In reality, the game is the same as the arcade original, save that if you go co-op, both characters are Luigi.

There's two ways players can gain access to the game. One is fairly simple, the other? Not as easy.

1. For those of you with New Super Luigi U, you're in luck, as all you'll need is a save file of the game on your Wii U. If you do, then you probably already noticed that Luigi Bros. is unlocked automatically.

2. If you're without New Super Luigi U, you'll have to go through Super Mario 3D World's first eight worlds, and beat them. Not quite as easy, but there is another interesting thing you might find once you've accomplished this feat besides Luigi Bros....

Once you've managed your way through the eight worlds and beaten the game, there's a pretty cool easter egg contained within one of the levels, celebrating another classic Nintendo mascot. Fair warning, spoilers to those who read on about what exactly the egg is, and how to access it.

Still with me? Good. Hightail it over to Rainbow World, and enter the first stage. Once you reach the mid-point, hop on Plessie and ride that dino all the way through the water and to the wall. A hidden block on the left yields a fire flower. Use it to light up the torches, which will open up the gigantic door in the middle, revealing a cloud. Hop on, and it'll launch you up to a sky-high platform in the sky. Cover all the tiles, and your secret is revealed.

When completed (and probably even before then for big fans), you'll spy the original 8-bit sprite of The Legend of Zelda's hero of time, Link, as he originally appeared all the way back in the NES glory days. Upon completion, you'll even get some classic sound effects and a remix of the classic theme music. You go Link, drop that beat.

Remember, Rainbow World is only accessible so you'll need to beat the game first before you can access it. Or, for you lazy types, you can just watch the video below.

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