'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Update: Easter Eggs Found In Game That Connects Pokemon Blue, Red & Yellow

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 11, 2016 08:10 AM EST

Nostalgia kicks in when players discover the Easter Eggs in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," that includes the Nugget Bridge and other elements to where the first Pokemon game started. Kanto was the region where the Pokemon game started and loved by many players.

Now, the elements from the journey and story of Kanto region can be revealed in the latest game today. This may be something that players that can reminisce about but they are still looking for other elements in other Pokemon versions such as Johto, Sinnoh, and many more regions. Aside from this, the main characters from the previous version named Red and Blue are present as well.

The Nugget Bridge and the series of flashbacks

First, to find the Nugget Bridge in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," it can be seen Malie Garden located North of Malie City. After reaching the place, five trainers will be lined up alternately and as players defeat each Pokemon in the bridge, the fifth trainer should be defeated as well.

Once players win the battle, that person will hand out a gold nugget, which costs a lot. However, that person will say that Team Rocket is not around anymore. If players can remember this scene, it will be from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Ash's picture and Game Freaks office

The creators and developers of "Pokemon Sun and Moon", Game Freak, can be actually seen in the game itself. To find it, players have to go to Heahee city. On the other hand, the secret of Mimikyu in the game can lead to another piece of the story in the animated about the reason why it hates Pikachu.

The picture of Ash with Pikachu can be seen in the closet where Mimikyu is hiding, which is located in the abandoned supermarket near Route 14. Some deciphered its photo up close and it revealed it really is Ashe with Pikachu. Mimikyu just want some attention and love from a targeted person, which is either Ash or Pikachu. The video from Maxx [YouTube] says it all.

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