'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Catch A Mimikyu & Obtain The Cute Yet Mysterious Pokemon

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 11, 2016 08:16 AM EST

Mimikyu in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is treated to be cute and players love this adorable Pokemon because of its mascot that looks like Pikachu. Despite all the first impressions about this Pokemon from players, Mimikyu is not what it seems to be in the animated series. Instead, this Pokemon lives its life in grudge and dark energy.

It is also revealed that Mimikyu hates Pikachu so much that is spoke things to Meowth, which he can only understand and refuses to tell it to Jessie and James. Aside from all of this, Mimikyu can be a tricky one to capture in the game.

Something is off about the abandoned supermarket

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" contains numerous supermarkets and stores but this one store can be a little creepy when you enter it. This is the Thrifty Megamart, which is abandoned and now inhabited by numerous ghost types Pokemon. It is located in Ula'Ula Island on Route 14. Inside this, you can encounter Haunter, Golbat, Klefki, and Mimikyu.

However, finding Mimikyu will take time because of its 5 percent encounter rate and 45 percent catch rate. So, encountering this Pokemon is a rare event, which players should be careful not to accidentally kill it.

Many ways to capture and own a Mimikyu

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is flexible in terms of methods used to obtain a Pokemon. First, Mimikyu can be obtained directly by encountering numerous Pokemon until it appears because Golbat and Haunter mostly appear. Second, skills that can paralyze or make the Pokemon sleep is essential to increase the chances of catching it.

In addition, the Pokemon that should be used to battle Mimikyu must be the same level to prevent accidental killing or any critical hit that may occur. Other trainers obtained Mimikyu from the Wonder trade feature.


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