‘Dota 2’ News & Update: Team OG Dominates The Boston Major; Bringing The Championship Trophy And $1,000,000

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 12, 2016 06:15 AM EST

The "Dota 2 Boston Major" grand finals has its best-of-5 rule, in which whoever team wins 3 games. They will be declared as the winner and will secure the $1,000,000 plus a trophy.  

It begun with "Team OG" grabbing first blood with only three minutes passed, but both teams were playing fairly defensively, trying to focus on farming. "Ad Finem" begun making some great rotational plays to claim vital kills, with Giorgos 'Ssaspartan' Giannokopoulos on the "Shadow Demon" being a major playmaker, giving Ad Finem an 8-6 kills lead just after ten minutes. The Dire team continued to control the game as they claimed an aegis by fifteen minutes. In the first game of "Dota 2 Boston Major."

By twenty two minutes though, "Team OG" had found their way back into the game, tying the score line up at 9-9 which is a fair kills for both team and beginning to put pressure the map. As Team OG claimed them a second aegis and took the high ground bot lane, Ad Finem realized that they could not defend the push and threw in the towel giving OG the win in game one.

"Team OG" seemed to be running away with the game, finding kills freely and controlling the map completely. With thirty five minutes passed, "Team OG" returned to the high ground and ripped their way through the "Ad Finem" line up before the Radiant called GG, making the series 2-0 in the secong game of "Dota 2 Boston Major." 

The "Dota 2 Boston Major" game three would be a deciding match for "Ad Finem," if they lost, they would take home a commendable second place at the Major, but a win would push the grand finals into a fourth game and give the Greek boys a glimmer of hope for a turn around. The game started a lot faster, with kills falling both ways at every turn. This meant that the series stood at 2-1 ton "Team OG."

"Team OG" begun to put on the pressure and pull away as they wiped "Ad Finem" just after the twenty six minute mark and proceeded to push down the mid lane barracks. OG seemed to always be one step ahead of Ad Finem as they constantly ripped through their line up and by thirty five minutes Team OG had dropped the bot lane barracks as well during the game 4 of "Dota 2 Boston Major" grand final series.

With that, Team OG took the series and their third major victory as they are crowned the victors at Dota 2 "The Boston Major." Ad Finem though deserve a ton of credit for making it this far and take away an extremely commendable second place.

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