'Dota 2' Latest News & Update: Mogul Khan The Axe, Hero Embodied With Fury.

By Jerome , Updated Dec 11, 2016 07:16 PM EST

Mogul Khan the Axe is a melee strength hero in "Dota 2," a free to play Multiplayer Online Battle arena. Axe is one of the best initiator in "Dota 2". Axe has skills known to create chaos in battle and disrupting enemy formation.

His first skills in "Dota 2" is to taunt nearby enemies that is called Berserker's call. Once taunt, enemy is force to attack or engage an unconquerable battle with Axe. This skills also increases Axe Armor.

Mogul Khan also has the power to Enrages an enemy unit by using his Battle Hunger in "Dota 2". Any Enemy unit or hero affected by Axe Battle Hunger will have it's movement speed slowed and take damage over time. Axe will also gain movement speed while a unit or hero is affected with battle hunger.

The passive skill of axe that make Axe or Mogul Khan strong in "Dota 2", is the Counter Helix. When Axe has been attacked, he performs the Counter Helix that deal damage to all enemies. Axe will spin his axe damaging everyone nears him and this skill is a perfect combo for his Berserker's call.

The ultimate skill of Axe is the Culling Blade that strikes and instantly killing an enemy unit or hero with low health in "Dota 2". When Enemy hero has been killed by Culling Blade, it's cooldown is reset and Axe and nearby allied units will gain bonus movement speed.

If Mogul Khan or Axe has an equip Aghanim's Scepter in "Dota 2", it will decreases the cooldown, increase the kill threshold and increases bonus movement speed duration. A players can use Mogul Khan or Axe as an initiator. A players can equip blink dagger and blade mail, Once player use blink dagger that will jump on a enemy hero location, then they can use Berserker's call to taunt enemy in attacking him while blade mail has been activated.

Counter helix will be active as enemy heroes are attacking Axe in "Dota 2", then when an enemy hero has low hp, then kill them with Culling blade. After that axe can chase other heroes by using Battle hunger to slow enemy movement speed.

Axe is really good in destroying enemy formation and can tank well in "Dota 2". This hero is recommended for those who wants to play a very durable hero that can kill a whole team by taunting them.

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