'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update: 'FF 15' Fans Claim; Chapter 13 Update Disappoints

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 12, 2016 03:48 AM EST

The recent free update for "Final Fantasy XV" received several not so great feedback from fans. For "FFXV" developers, the new update is to improve and foresee a longer gaming experience. However, not everyone approves the new update. Behind the interesting enhancements lies an issue which "Final Fantasy XV" fans encountered.

The new update for "Final Fantasy XV" is packed with a short, medium, and longer terms. According to "Final Fantasy" game director Hajime Tabata, there will be gameplay enhancements for Chapter 13, as well as buffs to ring magic. He further stated that the update will include new DLCs, Avatar Systems and bug fixes. For some, the update sounded very impressive; but for others, it is a total nightmare.

One avid fan reacted to this update saying that "Final Fantasy XV" new update removes all crafty designs, brilliant character writing, and basically all stimulating things about "Final Fantasy XV." The game turns into a complete lifeless form when Square Enix thought of transforming it into a lengthier, if not, unending version.

The writer continued saying that the idea to patch "FFXV" must have come from somewhere else and not from the fans. He further said that the update is a brilliant moment of anti-design. He added that the game section is oddly placed, so bad by the standards of the rest that it yields emotions forcefully and fascinatingly deviating from what seem to be the stated aims of the game, reports Wired.

He claimed that with the capability to patch released products now open to any game developer, there is unavoidably going to be an enticement to smooth out those rough edges where they surface. He further said that he hoped developers resist that temptation, though. He concluded saying that moments like Chapter 13 of "FFXV" are the ones that keep players coming back to play and to miss them would be a shame.

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