Saints Row 4 News: The Saints Set to Save Christmas With New Holiday Themed DLC

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Nov 27, 2013 09:21 AM EST

Like other facets of pop culture, Santa Claus is about as ingrained in video games as ever he was. Many a time, players have come across the merry, fat elf in a wide array of Claus cameos, be they in Secret of Mana, Shenmue, Scribblenauts, ToeJam & Earl, even World of Warcraft. But this year, it's the Saints turn to get a crack at Father Christmas. After goind uber-absurd with Enter the Dominatrix, Saints Row is celebrating the days of holly with its next DLC. Arm yourself with your dildo bats and wub-wub guns, because Santa needs some rescuing in How the Saints Save Christmas.

Santa won't be delivering gifts this year, as the fat man has managed to get get himself trapped in a computer simulation, and only one group of pimp slappin' gangsta wannabes can save him. Just one problem. According to synopsis from the DLC's official site, "the Scrooge-like Boss of the Third Street Saints can't muster enough Christmas spirit to save him. Can the Saints help the Boss discover the true meaning of the season in time? A holiday classic for the whole family."

The DLC will be free for anyone with the game's Season Pass. Non-holders will have to pay $7, which is a small price to pay for the inner joy you'll get for saving 'ol Kris Kringle. How the Saints Save Christmas includes the following:

- Quests: 3 new story driven quests.
- Weapon - Costume: Red Rider BB Gun
- Weapon - Costume: Christmas Dubstep Gun
- Weapon - Costume: North Pole
- Vehicle: Flying Reindeer
- Vehicle: Santa's Sleigh

With Christmas being the flavor of this DLC, it will obviously be here in time for Christmas, so let Thanksgiving have its time in the sun and get your gobble on. How the Saints Save Christmas arrives for Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 on December 11.

Apart from the DLC, Volition still has Christmas coming out the wazoo. The developer is also hosting a contest to rewrite the lyrics to "Jingle Bells," Saints Row style. To the victor go the spoils, even if Victor isn't the winner's name. Volition "will immortalize the best entries we receive in a special Saints Row video message, and all winners get a special Christmas gift from us at Deep Silver and Volition!" Besides living on in Christmas infamy, each and every winner gets a package containing an official Bradygames Guide, Gioteck EX-05s Headset, Razar DeathAdder Mouse, and one pair of Gloryfy Limited Edition G3 Saints Row unbreakable sunglasses.

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