'Pokemon Go' Latest News: Glitch Is Somewhat Trippy & Shocking, The Glitch That Makes Giant Buddy Pokemons?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 11, 2016 08:59 PM EST

The previous update of "Pokemon Go" sure did fix some issues from the game and made players happy about it. Some bonuses and streaks are also one of the reasons why players play the game including the buddy system, ease of sending caught Pokemon to Professor Willow, and other fixes that would make the game smoother.

However, there has to be another glitch that players discovered when they tap their profile or the option ot view their buddy. This glitch makes the buddy Pokemon gigantic, which is five times larger than the player's Avatar. This is alarming but it can be seen when players are quick with their eyes.

Checking the buddy Pokemon and magic happens

Numerous players of "Pokemon Go" experienced this glitch and not just one. Aside from that, others do not experience this glitch when they press the buddy option, but also press the profile icon. Based on the post from Kotaku, the glitch proved that gigantic Pokemon are shocking that players took a screenshot from it. This one below is from Nicolo and the Machoke looks like Godzilla!

"Pokemon Go" fixed some minor issues, but Niantic Labs, the creator of the game, knew that other issues will come up soon because the game hasn't reached its full potential yet. In addition, updates about generation 2 Pokemon will be coming tomorrow and players cannot wait to experience it.

Going back to the issue, the glitch does not affect anything at all and is a benign one. So, if other players are worried that it might crash their game, it will not and it is rather funny looking at gigantic Pokemon for a split second. If the glitch worsens, it may make other Pokemon in the field gigantic as well, which will be hilarious!


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