'Pokémon Go' Release Date, News & Update: 3 Things You Missed Of Gym Training Update

By Ben Lindon , Updated Dec 12, 2016 06:18 AM EST

Pokemon Go update has been released by Niantic over the weekend to revert back the training rewards to the original level. The update came following complaints from Pokemon Go players who find that training at gyms is taking a lot less time than it has in previous weeks.

On Pokemon Go, the Trainers, which is the number of Prestige earned when training at friendly Gyms has reportedly been reverted back to the original values. This was confirmed by Niantic via Pokemon Go's official Twitter account, affirming a Friday night update that has been speculated by a team of Pokemon Go researchers.

Pokemon Go players are reported to be happy about the update, given the time they devoted to raising their Pokemon at the training gyms. Meantime, it should be recalled that Niantic tweaked in November the rate at which the training gyms would give players prestige points that would level the Pokemon Go gym in order to fortify it.

Following the November tweak, Pokemon Go players would only get 500 instead of having 1,000 prestige points. This means that fortifying the friendly gyms has taken twice as long as it did in the past. According to reports, a number of subreddit members of Pokemon Go criticized the first update after the release, and remained to criticize it until the weekend's update.

Pokemon Go players can now train to their gyms without spending much of their time for it, Polygon reported. Meanwhile, the Pokemon Go fans across the game's online communities celebrated the change. The new update is reportedly seen by the players as a sign that proves that the game developer have been listening to what the players had to say about the game.

Pokemon Go subreddit user, in fact, wrote that it is a great sign that Niantic is not only reading the feedback, but is also acting upon it, according to Heavy. Watch NEW POKEMON GO CHRISTMAS UPDATE! LEGENDARY POKEMON UPDATE, BATTLE FRIENDS & TRADING!


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