FIFA 14 Transfer Tips: Five Young Guns Recommended Highly by EA - PART III [VIDEO]

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Nov 30, 2013 12:56 PM EST

We're back with more transfer tips. Similar to the last few weeks, we are again bringing you five more players that you should sign over to your squad. Since they have been recommended by EA, the guys who developed the game, tweaked the players, and programmed the play, it’s only normal to at least have a look at the guys the company recommends.

As mentioned before, EA has tweaked the transfer mechanic quite a lot for the newly released FIFA 14 with an entirely different look and feel that will take some hard work on the part of the player to find out the essential players they will need to strengthen their team in their quest to the top. Since the game can be a tough nut to crack, the least we can do to help you is direct you toward the players that you might miss out while searching. 

To be perfectly honest, FIFA is a game that I mostly end up playing almost every day (your Battlefields and Call of Dutys don’t attract me anymore) either single-player career or multiplayer Ultimate Team, and like all you fanboys out there, even I have faced a few problems while searching for players and only found them when I searched specifically with last names.

But we don’t want our readers to go through such a torment every time they get into the window and wonder who to sign. Sure we sometimes wish to sign big names, but there are others who are also worth your time and money.

This is only the third part of the two week long list of players to sign, with yet another list arriving next week. If you are new here, don’t hesitate to go through the previous two posts we made on the players you have to buy. Here’s the first part and the second.

As always, the players have been listed according to their name, club, and position. Good hunting.

Filip Duricic, Benfica, LM: Looking for a young winger with immense potential? Duricic is the player you want to sign. The 21 year old has already made 15 appearances for the Serbian national team and moved this year to Portuguese club Benfica from Red Star Belgrade.

With a starting overall of 77 that can reach up to a potential of 85, Duricic is mostly effective if you are hunting for guys with impressive dribbling abilities (somebody who can run for days), quick both on and off the ball and a notable vision. He can send clean and effective crosses into the box with his four star weak foot ability also helping his cause.

The best you can do here is to add him to your shortlist since he just joined Benfica over the summer. Check him out below.

Marco Verratti, PSG, CDM: Italian youngster Marco Verratti may just be 21, but he is already molding into a technically gifted playmaker with notable passing skills.

A deep-lying playmaker by nature, Verratti has often been compared to the great Andrea Pirlo, who himself is one of the greatest deep-lying playmakers of all time. With a starting overall of 77 that can reach to a potential of 88, if played regularly, Verratti can bring in impressive passing skills into a team that will only get better as days go by.

As he’s such an asset, expect to shell out a bit for our guy here since PSG won’t let him leave so easily. Take a look below to find out more about him.

Juan Iturbe, FC Porto, LW: Argentinean winger Juan Iturbe is only 20 years old and is already one of the upcoming big names arriving from South America.

Make a note that the player has been dubbed as the new Lionel Messi since he’s quick on the ball, has goal-scoring abilities, and a similar diminutive stature to Messi at 1.69m.

With a starting overall of 74 that can reach a potential of 85, this guy can effectively end any competition that seems to threaten his place, he’s THAT good. As mentioned earlier, he’s very quick both on and off the ball and is a better dribbler than most in his age. Check him out below.

Spoiler alert: If you are looking for a boatload of young talents, try searching the entire FC Porto team with club-specific searches. You won’t be disappointed.

Kurt Zouma, Saint-Etienne, CB: French youngster Kurt Zouma is in the list of defenders that can bring joy to any manager. With his starting overall of 74 that can reach a potential of 85, Zouma is best known for his pace, power, and tackling prowess that will grow overtime if played on a regular basis.

Apart from that, Zouma also possesses excellent aerial abilities that will come into play when defending, or when you have won a corner and looking to deliver the ball to somebody who can effectively rise above others. If you’re lucky enough, you might just need to shell out around 5 million to get the player. Check below to see what he’s capable of.

Angel Correa, San Lorenzo, CAM: Here’s a guy most of us will not even know about since all our focuses rest on leagues happening in England, Spain, and Italy. But if you care to dig deep, you will definitely bump into gems like these who are yet to make an impact on European club football.

Correa, 18, plays for Argentinean club San Lorenzo as a midfielder and is mostly known for his speed. Although it might seem to you that his attributes are not that impressive at first, but with a starting overall of 73 that can reach a potential of 86, this guy has the ability improve himself in no time provided he’s getting at least some game time. Check him out below.

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