'Dota 2' Latest News & Update: A Downgrade, From 3 Majors Down to 2; New Game Features [Gameplay Details]

By Kenneth Bren Briones , Updated Dec 12, 2016 10:47 AM EST

The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game "Dota 2" is said to have changed by next year. Just like what the game developer Valve has done in the past, they will be lowering the Major leagues in 2017.

As reported in GosuGames, the much acclaimed online game "Dota 2" will only have two Majors rather than three next year. Fans and gamers alike will only be seeing the Spring Major and The International for the major events in the "Dota 2" eSport.

The game developer of "Dota 2" (Valve), officially declared that the Spring Major next year will be held in Kiev, Ukraine. It is also said that the gaming studio that handled the Manila and Boston Majors will also care for the forthcoming Major event. Meanwhile, there are some points of "Dota 2" that each player needs to know. "Dota 2" version 7.00 has already dropped into several test clients yesterday. There are a lot of changes in the game that we need to know. Here are some game changer features.

Levelling System

In "Dota 2" 7.00, the ultimate abilities can be leveled up at 6/12/18. Heroes can unlock their talents at levels 10/15/20/25.


The new patch of "Dota 2" 7.00 will feature a new inventory system so-called backpack. Heroes will carry this backpack and allows them three extra inventory slots. Though items placed in these slots should be inactive, cannot be activated and has not passive bonuses.

Map Changes

Major map change in "Dota 2" 7.00 is that the Jungle terrain has been improved. Ancient creeps are now present in all four jungles. The Roshan in now located near the upper left rune location. Also, bounty runes no longer spawn in the River but in each of the four jungles every two minutes.


A new building type is added in "Dota 2" 7.00 known as a shrine. Aside from the five shrines in each team's base camp, two more shrines are located in the Secret Shop and Ancient Camp.

These are some of the major changes in "Dota 2" 7.00 update. This added features will truly change how the game will be played. To get more news and update on "Dota 2," stay glued here in Gamenguide.

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