'Far Cry 5' Release Date, Latest News, & Update: Upcoming Map To Present Two Islands? New Weapons, Aircraft Coming? [PREDICTIONS]

By MJ Dailo , Updated Dec 12, 2016 08:31 AM EST

Gamers are eager to learn more about what "Far Cry 5" will bring to the table, especially after the innovative additions the most recent installment presented. Though "Far Cry 4" gained a lot of success, many are expecting some improvements in the upcoming title.

The action-based first person shooter title is well loved by fans, as it presented an interesting kind of gameplay. With that, it is believed that Ubisoft is looking to bring a lot of changes to "Far Cry 5."

It was reported by IGN that the team behind the game sent surveys to select users, asking which locations they are interested seeing in"Far Cry 5." In addition, it allowed fans to make recommendations and suggestions for what they want to see in the upcoming installment. Though there has yet to be any official news regarding "Far Cry 5," there are several suggestions as to what the new game will present, based on fans' expectations.

After several installments of the "Far Cry" game series, fans are hoping to see some new weapons and assets that will enhance the game. With that, gamers want to see less of the same materials that were used in the past installment of the franchise. Also, this could include a more diverse choice of aircraft that will be controlled for "Far Cry 5."

Aside from that, gamers are also hoping that "Far Cry 5" will include the NPC classes, which could present a better gameplay. This could bring a lot of innovations, giving players a different kind of experience. Another change that can be made is regarding the map, as fans have seen a similar design in the past installments.With that, "Far Cry 5" could hopefully include a unique map design, such as two islands that can be explored.

However, there has yet to be any news on what exactly "Far Cry 5" will present. There is still a long wait until the release of the game, which is expected to be launched sometime in 2017 or 2018.

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