New 'Monster Hunter Double Cross' Trailer Shows Another Fighting Style, Monsters, Felyne Hunter, Alchemy Style & More

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 12, 2016 06:40 PM EST

"Monster Hunter Double Cross" is another upcoming Monster Hunter series game that has a different perspective while the elements of the older versions are brought with it. Now, Capcom released another trailer that features on the new style of hunting and modes that players can tap into, which is the Alchemy style in fighting and Felyne hunter mode. With the Brave style hunting, new weapons will be available as well and players can craft it using the materials they get from the new monsters. In addition, the base is on an airship and players can accept quests there while crafting weapons, armor, and buying items that aid them during battles.

What the trailer wishes to convey to fans and players

The three-minute trailer released covers up most of the new features of "Monster Hunter Double Cross." It features the Alchemy style that either heals all teammates, cleanses every status effects such as paralyzed, burned, etc., and/or damages the monster.

The action associated with Alchemy style of fighting is the character shaking a large barrel for a set period of time. Once the player finishes, the effects are released. This is somewhat the same as the hunting horn weapon in the previous "Monster Hunter" series. Renkin style is added as well.

Renkin style and special monsters that give greater loot

Hardcore players of "Monster Hunter" series know about special monsters that will give special loot that will be used to craft stronger weapons and armor. In "Monster Hunter Double Cross," there are special monsters that have additional moves compared to their lower level species. This will surely be a challenging quest when players will take this and hunt these types of monsters.

These special monsters are Scorch blade Glavenus, Ouma Diablos, Silver-tipped Gammoth, Clairvoyant Mizutsune, and Azure electric Master Astalos. With regards to the Renkin style, foods and items made with it will be consumed faster compared from average ones, for flexibility and gain the upper hand in battle.


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