'Watch Dogs 2' Latest News & Updates: Go Against the Grenadier and Control T Bone's School Bus in Newest DLC

By Ruffy , Updated Dec 12, 2016 09:14 AM EST

A new downloadable content (DLC) of "Watch Dogs 2" was supposed to be released this week, but Ubisoft has recently announced that its launch date has been moved. The first DLC of the game is called the T-Bone Content Bundle and it will also contain a new game mode.

Players should prepare in the upcoming DLC in "Watch Dogs 2" since it will feature a new kind of enemy that is based on the Grenadier Archetype. The new opponents will be part of the new game mode called Mayhem and it will also encourage teamwork with other players since it will be a co-op challenge. Aside from that, the T-Bone Content Bundle will also contain an outfit based from one of the supporting characters in the predecessor, T-Bone. Gamers would also be able to control his iconic school bus, but this time it is equipped with a bulldozer blade.

The latest content for "Watch Dogs 2" was originally planned to come out this week, but Ubisoft has moved the launch date since they have also put their effort on the game's patches. It has been reported that a patch update was released back in November, but it has been experiencing some technical issues with the multiplayer mode. This is the reason why the developers have been prioritizing in fixing the recent update in order to give players a better experience with the game's online features.

On the bright side, Ubisoft will make it up to players by having a free event in "Watch Dogs 2" called T-Bone Chaos for all of the players. Unique challenges will be offered every week which would give players a chance to win bonuses such as in-game currency, new skins for cars or even a bag.

The newest DLC from "Watch Dogs 2," T-Bone Content Bundle, is aimed to be released on Dec. 22 for the PlayStation 4 platform while Japan will have a Dec. 26 launch date. As for Xbox One and PC, the DLC will come out on Jan. 24.

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