Battlefield 4 News: DICE Decided to Trade 1080p for 64 Players on Next Gen Consoles

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Dec 05, 2013 02:57 PM EST

While a number of fans and critics have made it a priority to judge new games for their resolution, it seems like DICE doesn’t see 1080p as that big of a deal.

Speaking recently to Tom’s Hardware, DICE's Johan Andersson spoke about how the company feels it has much bigger plans that needs to be executed before bringing in preferred optimization levels to the game, and that sometimes sacrifices need to be made.

“Yeah, this is sort of a decision for each game team going forward that we work with, but before, getting to having 64 players and getting to 60 FPS was the most important thing because we wanted to bring this PC game experience that you have,” Andersson stated.

He added that if anyone is playing Battlefield, “I think you'll agree that the actual game experience of playing on the 64-player server and everyone is interacting, I mean, and having a great frame rate is actually a significant difference from what we had on the current generation of consoles with only 24 players. This sort of enables more types of gameplay, and that was the most important thing for us.”

“That sort of set the bar that we need to get there, and we did get there. Sure we did still have to do a little bit of a compromise on the solution. We're not running at the full native 1080p; we’re running a little bit lower resolution than that. But I think it was well worth those tradeoffs in order to make sure that we can actually have the full sort of PC game experience overall being on there.”

“And you're playing the games in a little bit different way. You’re playing with the controller on a TV; you're not playing on a PC with a monitor. And it's very low-latency in that way where it's even more twitchy for example on a PC or a monitor that's even more sharp.

Andersson concluded by stating that he feels that all of it worked out “quiet well” for the company, but “it's sort of a decision for each game going forward also like what makes more sense.”

DICE’s Battlefield 4 is currently available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in North America and Europe.

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