‘Clash of Clans’ Latest News & Updates: Supercell Breaks Silence, Confirms Upcoming Massive COC Update

By Jun Pasaylo , Updated Dec 12, 2016 09:11 PM EST

The popular mobile based video game Clash of Clans is up for the biggest treat for the loyal players during the Christmas season. How would you want to play COC via virtual reality? Or explore another melee of attacks at seas? Or take a break and spend light moments with few episodes of Clash-a-Rama?

In a statement, Supercell apologized to avid fans for the longest communication hiatus in closing its doors for listening to craving of its loyal fans. In a message, AllClash quoted Supercell saying: "Between the December update and other projects going on, we haven't had the time to share these yet. For this same reason we will also put these on hold until mid/late January so we can focus on the coming updates, and we hope to be in a better spot then to answer your questions in a timely manner."

Supercell provided preview of the future of Clash of Clans gaming experience. Since the game was launched in iOS in 2012 and Android in 2013, fans were calling on utilizing the shorelines for the Battle of the Seas. Fast forward 2016, a large chunk of COC fans migrated to another mobile based game Pokemon GO. This prompted Supercell to fast-track the game's update, giving previews of what is in store for the gamers.

The mobile based gaming app may actually feature VR support when it released the teaser Clash of Clans: Hog Rider 360°. It invited players on a journey through the woods, into battle with their fellow Hog Riders, and attack an enemy villages.

What could be more awesome than experience these battles through VR technology? VR support could be a remarkable addition to Clash of Clan game that can attract good amount of players and lured back those who jumped off towards Pokemon Go.

Early in December, Supercell also launched Clash-a-Rama, an original comedy series based on your favorite Clash of Clans and Clash Royale characters. The series takes viewers inside the village and arena to see what life is like between battles. It evidently fared well to the fans as one episode of the series raking millions of views on Youtube.

For months now, images of creatures and structures for the battle of the high seas started to surface, fueling expectations that after years of waiting, the Battle of the Seas will be finally be included in the December 2016 update. On top of these, new characters, features and structures will also grace in the newest pack of Clash of Clans.Watch an episode of Clash-a-Rama here:

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