PlayStation 4 News & Update: PS4 Pro Release Date, Price, Feature, Specs; PlayStation 4 Pro Performance

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 12, 2016 08:36 PM EST

"Sony" claimed that the PlayStation 4 Pro was evident only days before it was due to take the stage at E3 2016, while also confirming that there is no teaser of it at E3 2016. Sony is in fact the 4K "PlayStation 4 Pro," which is now available to buy around the world. The latest PS4 Pro news, which are a mid-generation upgrade offering enhanced graphics performance and 4K output.

"It is intended to sit alongside and compliment the standard PS4 and that we will be selling both versions through the life cycle," as stated by Andrew House the Sony Interactive president.

"Sony's PlayStation Pro" claimed that it'd be ready to buy before PlayStation VR launches in October. The upgraded PlayStation 4 wasn't due to be released until almost a month later, on 10 November 2016. The "PlayStation 4 Pro" wouldn't hit the shelves before PSVR, bringing Sony PlayStation event on September 7. It will set users back starting at £349 in UK, and will be available to order right now, although orders are backdated at the time of writing and delivery may take longer than usual.

The "PlayStation 4 Pro" is more suited to graphics-heavy games and the likes of VR, with better performance and 4K support. It can output not only 4K, but also HDR video, upgraded its GPU featured in the high-end console.

PlayStation 4 Pro will also benefit from an enhanced "PlayStation VR" experience, offering creepier scenes, higher frame rates and a generally better virtual reality experience than the one provided by the standard "PlayStation 4 console." It also features a larger 1TB hard drive, double the amount of storage when compared to the standard 500GB PlayStation 4.

Sony has announced that there will be 30 games that take advantage from the support of "PlayStation 4 Pro." It indicates that users will be able to take advantage of the higher resolution, high-definition textures and more as soon as they receive the console.

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