'Grand Theft Auto V' Latest Hacks, News & Update: 'GTA 5' Tips & Tricks; How To Make More Money

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 13, 2016 12:50 AM EST

Cash is limited in the first few hours of "GTA 5" and players want to maximize ways to find it. Here are the tips and tricks on how to make money in "GTA 5."

PS3/Xbox 360 Glitch Exploit

Dispersed across the map, mostly offshore or underwater, are special Hidden Packages comprising $5,000 to $25,000. Fortunately, there is an exploit that can be used for the PS3/Xbox 360 versions. This will enable a character to amass any specific package frequent times. You must have two characters unlocked first. Use a Scuba diving gear so that your character will not run out of oxygen. To retrieve the scuba gear, find a Dinghy boat at the wharf.

Then, swim towards the package preferably the $25,000 and accumulate it. Straightaway after collecting the money, shift to the second character. After the switch, instantly switch back to the character in the water and the package will resurface in the same spot. Please take note that this anomaly does not apply to the PS4/X1/PC. Repeat the process as many times as needed to gain sufficient cash. This only works once, though, so if you leave the area then return, the package will be gone.

Armored Car Exploit

In "GTA 5," if an armored car was taken by Michael, without firing a shot, and if the police dodged quickly, it may be likely to create endless cash. To do this, park the armored car in your garage and save. After saving the game, blow off the doors, and then leave the car in the garage. Loot the car, and then come back later. The car will still be in the same spot, restocked with cash and repaired.


Corner markets and convenience Stores are major, soft targets for a robbery. Enter the store, aim a gun at the cashier, and shoot around to impress the cashier. Then, grab the money, and escape before the cops reach the place. In addition, there is another way of doing the robbery. Park your Vehicle facing the street just outside the store. Quickly, grab the cash, jump into your car, and rush away to your nook, says IGN.

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