'Pokemon GO' Update: New Pokemon Evolution To Be Excited About

By Allan , Updated Dec 12, 2016 08:17 PM EST

News about incoming Gen 2 pokemon had stirred up a lot of excitement in the "Pokemon Go" community. Generation 2 pokemon was first introduced in "Pokemon Gold and Silver" and featured later on in "Pokemon Crystal" as well. This latest batch is made of 100 all-new pokemon and is expected to revive enthusiasm of "Pokemon Go" players, which is believed to have significantly waned in recent months.

For those wishing to have a headstart in adding new evolved pokemon to their Pokedex, players are strongly encouraged to start stocking up on certain candies.

Onix - Players should catch more of this rock/ground type pokemon as it can evolve into Steelix once Gen 2 pokemon are added to the active pokemon list in "Pokemon Go". It's believed that Onix will require 50 candies to evolve into Steelix. Players hampered by the lack of access to spawn points and nests of Onix can always pin their chances on their 10 KM egg to hatch one for them.

Chansey - This pink, fluffy pokemon of Gen 1 is hard to find as it is, and it's widely believed that its evolved form, Blissey, will be even more so. In one of its recent updates, Niantic has improved the CP of Chansey by approximately 150%, thus making its evolved form a potentially strong gym defender, especially when considering its impressive HP. It is believed that evolution to Blissey will likely require anything from 50 to 100 candies.

Eevee - This normal pokemon has always been popular among "Pokemon Go" players because of its multiple evolved forms. In Gen 1, this includes fire type Flareon, electric type Jolteon, and water type Vaporeon, the last of which is considered one of the strongest gym attackers currently available to players. Once Gen 2 pokemon become active in the game, however, it's ideal to have a sufficient number of candies available for use as Eevee will then be able to evolve into Umbreon and Espeon.

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