'Pokemon GO' News: Everything You Need to Know About the Christmas Event

By Allan , Updated Dec 12, 2016 08:20 PM EST

Although Niantic has been either coy or mum about the highly anticipated Christmas update for their bestselling game "Pokemon GO", several enterprising data miners have dug up some rather new and exciting additions to the game's source code and shared their results.

General 2 Pokemon Are On Their Way

In recent times, players of "Pokemon GO" have started grumbling about the lack of things to do, especially now that many of them are close to completing their Pokedex. Thankfully, these players have now something new and thrilling to look forward to as, according to various sources, Generation 2 Pokemon data can now be found be found in the source code.

Generation 2, consisting of 100 new pokemon, made its debut in Nintendo's "Pokemon Gold / Silver" editions. A number of these feature new evolutions from Generation 1 pokemon, including but not limited to Steelix (evolving from Generation 1's Onix) and Blissey (evolving from Generation 2 Chansey).

The Sound of Music...and Catching Pokemon

Although the recent Halloween update gifted players with increased spawn rates for ghost and psychic pokemon, the incredibly successful update did not include any temporary or permanent change to the game music. Majority of reports have suggested, however, that the Christmas update will be different and come with new festive music. Hopefully, these holiday tunes could increase players' chances in catching ice pokemon such as Snorlax and Lapras, which are considered rare as well as some of the strongest gym attackers among other Generation 1 pokemon.

Tracking Will Be Available in More Countries

Initially, the new and updated in-game tracking system in "Pokemon Go" was only available to certain parts of the United States and Europe. Recent rollouts have extended its availability to other regions but there are still countries waiting for this much-needed function. It's believed that the remaining countries without access to the new tracking system will finally get to enjoy this feature with the Christmas update.

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