'The OA' News and Updates: A Mysterious New Series from Netflix Generates Buzz

By Jacob Paul Jeffrey Reyes , Updated Dec 13, 2016 12:34 PM EST

Netflix just keeps them coming. Another potentially addictive new series is being launched by the digital platform in the form of a new child disappearance cum sci-fi drama, "The OA." It seems like after the success of such shows like "Stranger Things", Netflix is looking for another binge-worthy series.

"The OA" is created and written by Brit Marling and Zat Batmanglij (The East) with Batmanglij directing all the episodes. The drama deals with the questions and potential answers behind the disappearance of a blind girl named Prairie Johnson, played by Brit Marling.

Seven years post her disappearance, Prairie resurfaces, already a woman, astonishingly with her sight restored.  "I didn't disappear, I was present for all of it," her character mentions in the trailer. While many believe this to be a miracle, this distresses some as well as they see her as a threat.

"The OA" trailer have little clips of footage like Prairie seemingly jumping off a bridge to her death that raise a lot more questions than the trailer is willing to answer. Also starring in the series is Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter). A very familiar face is that of Scott Wilson, who played Herschel in the zombie drama, "The Walking Dead," and Emory Cohen (Brooklyn).

Along with the Trailer, Netflix also tweeted a link referring to the The OA's Instagram account. The show's people have posted a series of photos, each not making sense on its own, but as a part of a puzzle. Way to pique a potentially rabid fan-base of people already hungry for their "Westworld" post-season finale fix!

"The OA" will be 8 episodes long (just like "Stranger Things") and will be available for streaming on December 16.  Here is the latest trailer for upcoming series:

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