‘NBA 2K17’ Release Date, News & Update: 1.07 Patch Goes Live; The One Secret On How Not To Get Banned From Game Discovered

By Henry Abragan , Updated Dec 12, 2016 10:06 PM EST

"NBA 2K17" 1.07 Patch reportedly packs a drop in FG percentage in a 7.5GB update. Moreover, nerfs in shooting have also been done in several modes. In the meantime, reports also revealed the violations that get gamers out of the game for good.

Game Director Mike Yang reportedly noted the "NBA 2K17" 1.07 Patch changes over at Twitter. Furthermore, the update was also noted to be a hefty 7.5GB. Hence, clearing up space in the internal storage may be necessary before adding the "NBA 2K17" 1.07 Patch, according to report.

In terms of the sports gameplay, before shooting, over-dribbling reportedly dropped post- "NBA 2K17" 1.07 Patch in the FG percentage. In addition, tuning update is also expected to be nerfed contested 3s. Yang also noted that over-dribbling meant Left Stick running around.
Hence, the "NBA 2K17" 1.07 Patch may fix zig zagging and left to right movements back and forth. Yang also noted that anti-cheese code was also fixed in "NBA 2K17" 1.07 Patch. However, Yang also noted that RS dribble moves post- "NBA 2K17" 1.07 Patch may not be affected.

Ball Hoarders are also expected to find a difficult time shooting without help from teammates. Note that "NBA 2K17" 1.07 Patch players with good shooting in dribble rating may have less impact from the update. Additionally, note that the shot nerf is only applicable in the MyPark and Pro-Am modes.

In other news, reports have noted the violations that even the "NBA 2K17" 1.07 Patch cannot save. Apparently, "NBA 2K17" 1.07 Patch players get banned from selling and farming Virtual Currency. Unauthorized Third Parties are also expected to be avoided when purchasing Virtual Currencies, Forbes reported.

"NBA 2K17" 1.07 Patch players also reportedly may need to avoid promoting Virtual Currency. Account Buying also results in getting banned as well as hacking and using bots. Note that a temporary ban only lasts for a week while permanent bans are for good. However, the 2K's customer service department may alter such ban. Learn more about the 1.07 Patch here:

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