AMD Vega Tech Close-Door Event Held, Participants Sign Non-disclosure Agreement

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Dec 13, 2016 01:39 AM EST

AMD has organized a closed-door event last week.  The details of the event are not disclosed. However, there are speculations that AMD is showcasing AMD Vega tech or its first graphic cards equipped with VEGA graphics processor to the media.

Several conjectures have surfaced about the event. The event might have showcased AMD Vega Tech or it could also be a briefing before public ZEN presentation which will take place on Dec. 13, as per Video Cardz. The report further stated that AMD is planning for another event for CES 2017 and AMD VEGA can be launched in that event.

AMD's Vega 10 GPU was said to be launched at the end of this year, a report by WCCF Tech stated in October. The report added that Vega 11 will debut in early next year. It was reported that Vega 10 will be the first GPU which would be based on GCN graphics architecture and 9th generation collection of visual IP. This will enhance the graphics quality and double the memory capacity.

Dual-GPU graphics card by AMD is based on Vega 10 architecture and will aim  at the professional market. AMD graphics card will offer a huge amount of computer power for artificial intelligence, professional level content creation and deep neural learning,  Hot Hardware reported. The report also stated that Vega will feature 64 Compute Units, a 225W TDP and 24 TFLOPs of 16-bit computing power. The news that AMD will have 4 compute cores per compute unit has made  tech experts conclude that a fully functioning Vega 10 GPU will have 4,096 cores and these specs will be doubled in a dual-GPU variant. In other words, a dual GPU Vega Card will have 8,192 cores and 128 compute units.  

On the other hand, Vega 11 will feature 8GB of HBM2. It is planning to offer extremely high performance in notebook devices and also aiming at swapping Polaris 10 in the midrange on the desktop. Moreover, Vega 11 will come with standard PCIe form factors and mini-ITX SFF. 

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