'Temple Run 2' Latest News & Update: Holiday Update Brings Winter Wonderland To The Game Including Santa & Mrs. Claus

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 13, 2016 03:34 AM EST

"Temple Run 2" by Imangi Studios released a holiday-themed update that changes the snow field into a Christmas themed one. The said update of the game also includes two playable characters that are Santa and Mrs. Claus.

In addition, these two characters embody Christmas and they have their own voices as well when falling down or get hit with a trap. Aside from these, updates the frozen themed running field will never be the same anymore because of this holiday update.

What can be seen in the running field?

As players install the update and run "Temple Run 2", they notice many changes in the running field such as the following: first, there will be Christmas balls and ornaments scattered around when the player reaches corners or a turning point. Moreover, Christmas gifts and candles will be seen in random places such as the sides on certain places with a hollow interior. The trees are naturally pine trees and the frozen river will never be forgotten.

With a different gameplay, the frozen river can actually make players slide down likened to that of snowboarding and they can jump on any obstacle, which they can also skid from right and left to avoid some obstacles that are situated on either side. Most importantly, players can also crouch down when some obstacles cannot be avoided by a jump.

Santa and Mrs. Claus enjoying the winter wonderland while running away

Now, "Temple Run 2" is ready to welcome Christmas this year with two main characters added, which is Santa Claus for the male and Mrs. Claus for the female. The other additional content would be the items players get during their running period.

Once they get a chest, sometimes, they can obtain Christmas stockings, which can be used to unlock something. Collecting 5 will unlock it, so players should make sure they keep an eye on treasure chests nearby. The game can be downloaded on iTunes or Google Play Store, which automatically installs the update if newly installed.

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