‘The Last of Us 2’ Release Date, News & Update: Theme Of Sequel Storyline Is Hate; Ellie Is Pregnant? Details Revealed

By Min Montes , Updated Dec 13, 2016 05:00 AM EST

"The Last of Us 2" video game by Naughty Dog has still a long way to go before it could make its way to store shelves. But that doesn't stop fans from learning a thing or two about the action-adventure survival horror game especially now that a trailer has been released.

Ever since PlayStation revealed the trailer of "The Last of Us 2" during the PlayStation Experience 2016, several speculations and theories have surfaced on what it was all about. And it's perhaps because anyone who watches the video will not be able to get the story plot immediately.

But one thing is certain in the trailer, the atmosphere and vibe of "The Last of Us 2" are dark, grim and definitely mysterious. Ellie, who is older now compared to the original title, is the focus of the video and she is in a ruined house, strumming a guitar while singing out her own rendition of Psalm 23:4. The dead bodies all over can also be noticed. No one knows what exactly happened but it's easy to tell that Ellie killed all of them because she is covered with blood.

Creative director Neil Druckmann revealed in a panel that the theme of the sequel is really about "hate" and it's actually obvious in the trailer when Ellie said that she will find and kill every last one of her enemies. Nothing is revealed about who her enemies are or why she wants to seek revenge but it may have something to do with the events that took place before "The Last of Us 2" time frame.

Many speculated that a lot of evil took place within those years. Some even say that Joel's appearance in the trailer is not real as he is dead already and Ellie was just hallucinating. Another theory also suggested that Ellie could be pregnant in "The Last of Us 2." It's quite a shocker but the theory said that Ellie could have been kidnapped by a government organization and inseminated her for some reason.

Do you think Ellie is pregnant? Fans will have to stay tuned for more updates on "The Last of Us 2." There is no release date yet as it is still in its early stages but it's predicted to arrive around mid-2017.

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