iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Date, Latest News & Update: Is It Check & Mate For Pangu?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 13, 2016 07:39 AM EST

iOS 10.2 is officially out and now the attention shifts to Pangu and other hacking groups for that bragged iOS 10 jailbreak. The Chinese hacking group was reportedly waiting for Apple to make the first move and all that was officially done this Dec. 12.

Hence, all eyes are on the alleged iOS 10 jailbreak that Pangu is ready to roll out. It could happen in the coming days or even by next week. Then again, no iOS 10 crack may come out at all.

Pangu finds itself and a familiar situation dating back to the release of iOS 10. Recall that at that time, Pangu did show off three iOS jailbreaks with only an iOS 9.3.4 getting released, Forbes reported. This time around, the focus is plainly on an iOS 10 jailbreak, one reportedly filled with more features and functionalities

These claims have been nothing more than hearsay with most wanting to see an actual iOS 10 jailbreaking tool come out in the open. Hence, it is all about making the crack available and convince the Apple Jailbreaking Community that one does exist in the ranks. If not, such could place Pangu's credibility in dire straits.

Apple has fended off all potential iOS jailbreaks thus far, supporting their claim that iOS 10 is un-jailbreakable. This is despite discovered security flaws by various groups, curiously something that hackers have failed to exploit.

iOS 10 has been plagued by compatibility and security issues which iOS 10.2 hopes to address. Looking over the patch notes for the latest Apple mobile operating system, however, developers seem to have focused more on enhancements that security fixes according to

There are of course fixes which may have been purposely hidden so it will be up to Pangu and hacking groups to figure out the flaws. The patch notes include fixes to accessibility and authentication, hopefully ending the buggy run of iOS 10.

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