The Latest iMac 2017 Will Have a Much More Powerful Graphic Chips and Might Even Make it VR Ready

By Kevin Panganiban , Updated Dec 13, 2016 06:54 AM EST

Experts have been speculating that Apple is working closely on making the next generation iMacs for quite some time now. But Apple has been very secretive with its updates that it did not appear at the Apple's October event. Rumors are actually rounding up that a newly revolutionized iMac lineup might be launched in 2017. 

There were rumors that the latest iMac that will be launched in 2017 will be powered by Kaby Lake processors. However, given the limited time frame that Intel's processor has Kaby Lake might not be ready until the end of 2017, Mac World UK reported. This might be the reason why the iMacs were not released in two of the latest Apple events, as they were waiting for Kaby Lake to deliver the goods. There were also some speculations rounding up that Apple will also run with Intel Xeon instead of waiting for Kaby Lake. 

The iMac series were last updated back in 2015 which changed the face of high-end models over to Skylake processors powered by Intel. Even its chips got upgraded from 21.5in models to Broadwell chips. Apple still hasn't released any statements about the new iMacs, although Kaby Lake may be out of step with Apple's main focus at this time.

Aside from Intel's processors, AMD might also be a part of certain iMac models. With the release of AMD's latest Zen processor, a lot of experts are hoping to see a much better quality machines a powerful processing capacity, Tech Times reported. The latest AMD Zen processor comes with 8 cores and 1 threads- which pushes the laptop to a whole new level. 

With its processors built to create powerful output, it wouldn't be surprising if the iMac 2017 will become VR compatible. The device is rumored to have a Polaris 11 or Polaris 10 GPU from AMD. Even the upcoming iMac will also have a full flash storage with a much slimmer and lighter design than its predecessors. 

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