'Pokémon Go Gen 2' Release Date, News & Update: Seven New Gen 2 Pokémon That Can Be Hatched Revealed! Full Details Here

By Christopher John Alerta , Updated Dec 13, 2016 10:49 AM EST

Barely two weeks from Christmas Day and Pokémon catchers have been gifted with what could be their greatest arsenal of babies, no less, as Niantic has revealed not just three but seven new adorable "Pokémon Go" Gen 2 critters in its newest roll-out. More significantly, the game developer has announced that the next major update is definitely about to be infused in the global mobile game app smash.

Forbes has shared that on top of Togepi which does not evolve into a Gen 1 Pokémon, players have caught up many of the other "Pokémon Go" Gen 2 creatures in the Pokédex that can be hatched from eggs. The following have been revealed to have been part of the newly-caught Pokémon.

They are the following: Magby, the one that evolves into Magmar ; Elekid ,the one that evolves into Electabuzz ; Cleffa, the one that evolves into Clefairy; Iglypuff , the one that transforms into Jigglypuff;  Pichu, the one that evolves into Pikachu ; Smoochum, the one which evolves into Jynx ; Lastly, Tyrogue, the one that evolves into Gen 1's Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan along with Gen 2's Hitmontop.

For "Pokémon Go" Gen 2 tips, catchers can let Cleffa and Igglypuff hatch from 2km eggs, akin to their evolved forms. Meanwhile, Pichu and Togepi can hatch eggs from 5km eggs. 

At the time of this writing, one seven of these have been spotted and confirmed. But as far as how is Niantic is handling "Pokémon Go" at the moment, there may be more critters to be unearthed in the future. This also goes on how the game developer would eventually alter their manner of hatching as "Pokémon Go" Gen 2 gets its wider coverage in the current arena of "Pokémon" catching.

"Pokémon Go" Gen 2 is expected to be fully rolled either this December or early January of 2017. The major update is deemed to be a massive shake-up to the mobile game app whose subscribers have noticeably dwindled significantly from its otherwise world-breaking records at the time of its release.

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