Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition Latest News & Update: Limited Stock Expected On Its December 20 Release; Console’s Cord Length Issues Resolved?

By Tim Armstrong , Updated Dec 13, 2016 07:22 AM EST

The Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition has continued to be a subject of numerous reports today, and fans are still wondering whether the company will have enough shipment to cover the holiday season. Despite the recent reports saying that several retailers are going to restock the popular console, consumers are still worried that the company might continue to limit its supply until early next year.

According to the latest reports, Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition will be available at various retailers including Toys "R" Us, Urban Outfitters, Target, and several other stores across the world starting next week. However, interested buyers would want assurance from the Japanese console manufacturer as rumors are circulating that Nintendo will only be shipping limited stocks of Mini NES Classic Edition.

The Dec. 20 release is said to be first come first serve basis, and supply is only expected to last during the same day. Representatives from major retailers have already admitted that fans must expect "extremely limited stock" of Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition this month.

As of the moment, the only easy option for fans to get the console is to buy it from Ebay, which is available at a more expensive price. Apparently, some people are taking advantage of the situation and sell their Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition on the website for up to $400, which is pretty far off from its original $60 retail price.

Meanwhile, according to reports, players can play the Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition using a wireless controller. In a report by IGN, fans who are having issues with the console's short controller cable can use a Wireless Controller Adapter like the Sony Dualshock controller. Several players are certainly trying to come up with the best solution as of the moment.

For the meantime, consumers are still waiting for the Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition to become available. Stay tuned for more news and update.

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