'Super Mario Run' Latest News & Update: Soon To Be Launched in App Store, Android Version On Its Way!

By Rehn de Guia , Updated Dec 13, 2016 11:46 PM EST

It is indeed great news for everyone! "Super Mario Run" soon to be released in Apple Store this December.  But wait, will Android users be left out with the famous game launching? Game demo and other exciting details unfold.

'Super Mario Run' Soon To Be Launched in App Store

The Nintendo's most famous game, "Super Mario Run," will finally be available for Apple users. The game classic will land on the mobile world this December 15.

There are, however, some of the "Super Mario Run" followers are asking if the mobile game has the equal depth and beauty of the one in Nintendo. The creators and developers made their followers assured that the mobile game has all the content except for one thing; it can now be played by one hand.

The mobile launching of "Super Mario Run" is cited to be the perfect time for its step up. This idea was actually formulated when the game experts saw the people's response to "Pokemon Go." The game franchise, Nintendo is a part owner, brought gamers' pocket monsters to life again.

"Because Nintendo is always trying to do something unique we also wanted to try and do something different on the business side too," Shigeru Miyamoto said in an interview about how "Super Marion Run" will earn a profit.

How To Play 'Super Mario Run?'

In the actual "Super Mario Run" mobile game, Mario will run forward. It depends on the player's finger as they need to tap the screen to jump, collect coins, defend himself from enemies, and do various movements and most of all, reaching the flagpole.

'Super Mario Run' Demo

"Super Mario Run" will be released on December 15 in over 150 countries. As the game will be available in Apple store, it is compatible with iPod Touch, iPad and iPhones running iOS 8.0 or later.

When users are still in the "Super Mario Run" demo mode, there will only be elements or factors of the game's three modes. These modes are available for free. Its one-time payment of $9.99 can give the players unlimited access to the three modes.

'Super Mario Run' Android Version On Its Way!

Many "Super Mario" followers are asking if there will be an Android version of "Super Mario Run." However, the huge company did not spill a word yet. Reports noted that Nintendo is already in the process of putting the game into the Android platform.

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