'Team Fortress 2' Latest News & Update: Pyro, Character That Burns Anything

By Jerome , Updated Dec 13, 2016 11:55 PM EST

"Team Fortress 2" is an online first person team base shooter game developed by Valve. Team Fortress can be downloaded through Steam. Team Fortress was released last October 10, 2007 and the game keeps updating.

The last patch or update of "Team Fortress 2" was released November 23,2016. The latest update or patch did some fixing on some bugs and added Jingle Jam. Jingle Jam is a live streamed charity event hosted by the Yogscast.

There are a lot of game mode to choose here in "Team Fortress 2" like arena, capture the flag, control point and many more. After choosing a game mode, players can choose different characters in the game and they can choose and change any characters within the game. One of the characters in the game is Pyro.

The mysterious Pyro is a playable character in "Team Fortress 2" that has a flame thrower, shotgun and an fire axe as a starting weapon. Pyro is the worst enemy of spy. if spy disguise himself as an enemy player then Pyro hits him with the flame thrower, then spy cover will be blown.

The Flame Thrower of Pyro do direct damage when used to enemy.  Aside from direct damage, the enemy characters hit by the Flamethrower will be set on fire for a few seconds and will take additional damage for a short time. When using the Flame Thrower of Pyro in "Team Fortress 2", players make sure to pick up fallen ammunition as the flame thrower chews up a lot of ammo. Flamethrower has a compression blast when players click on Mouse2.

The compression blast can push enemies away and extinguish burning teammates. Team Fortress 2 is still one of the most popular games that can be download in steam.

Players should play "Team Fortress 2" and choose Pyro. Using Pyro will really give players a burning experience.

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