'Injustice 2' Release Date, News, & Update: 3 Characters Everyone Wants To See

By MJ Dailo , Updated Dec 14, 2016 10:40 AM EST

With the highly anticipated title "Injustice 2" expected to release next year, fans are looking forward to finding out which characters will be part of the line up. Though there has yet to be any official roster for the upcoming game, it is believed that a stellar set of characters will be included in "Injustice 2."

Only a couple of characters have been confirmed for the upcoming game, which includes the popular Harley Quinn. GameSpot indicated that a new comic series will be released starring Harley Quinn in order to hype fans up for the release of "Injustice 2." Titled "Ground Zero," the comic series will focus on a new team formed by Harley Quinn called "The Joker Crew." Together, they are expected to take down Superman.

Since the comic series is said to tease the storyline for the upcoming "Injustice 2," it can be expected that some of the characters of "Ground Zero" to take part in the new title. In the meantime, fans have some theories on who else will be taking part in "Injustice 2." Below is the list of character who fans from Reddit want to see in the upcoming game.

Black Canary

Also known as Dinah Lance, Black Canary is a vigilante who is known for her martial arts skills, as well as iconic sonic scream attack. Her character is present in the series "Arrow," which is why many speculate that her "Injustice 2" portrayal will be based on actress Kate Cassidy.

Animal Man

Another character who fans want to see is Animal Man, who is able to use any animal abilities. He received his powers when he ran into a morphogenic field called "The Red," allowing him to tap any animal abilities in the world and universe. His inclusion to "Injustice 2" could give players an interesting skill set.


Many are also hoping to see Katana, who was recently included in the film "Suicide Squad." Katana is a Japanese superhero who possesses the Soultaker Sword. Her weapon has the ability to take the souls of whoever it kills. This ability could present a new element to "Injustice 2."

However, no reports have confirmed the inclusion of these character in the upcoming game. Fans will have to wait for more news on the roster. "Injustice 2" is expected to release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2017.

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