Marco Polo News & Update: Poor Reception, Budget Troubles Reason Behind Cancellation?

By Carla Grace Mesina , Updated Dec 14, 2016 08:10 AM EST

"Marco Polo" season 3 is not happening. Netflix has recently announced that it will be cancelling the series.

"Marco Polo", created by John Fusco, was first released in 2014. It was one of Netflix's original series.

Netflix has recently revealed on Monday that they will not be renewing "Marco Polo" for a third season, resulting to a $200 million loss, as per The Hollywood Reporter. However, the reason why it got cancelled was not disclosed.

The series "Marco Polo" was based on Marco Polo's years in the court of Kublai Khan, the founder of Yuan dynasty. The show, produced by Weistein Company, had a huge budget when it started.

The first season of "Marco Polo" got a fair amount of viewers. With that, the program was given a chance to renew for a second season.

However, as "Marco Polo" was released In July, it got more quiet than the usual. Could the series be lacking ratings, resulting to cancellation?

Well, there might probably a possibility on that. But Netflix, like other streaming sites, does not reveal their programs' ratings. Hence, it is still difficult to know if "Marco Polo" flopped or not.

Or could the cancellation be caused by lack of budget? The producer of "Marco Polo" started with a healthy budget. Co-chairman, Harvey Weinstein even talked big about it, according to Variety.

Weinstein even called it "one of the most expensive shows ever done for pay TV." With an intent to bring viewers a highly entertaining series like "Marco Polo", the setting and the scope were really constructed well.

In addition, as the cancellation of "Marco Polo" came, Netflix's vice president Cindy Holland released a statement. She thanked everyone - from actors to the show's crew.

She applauded "Marco Polo" actors for their "entrailling and top-notch" performances as well. Meanwhile, Weinstein added that he will be looking forward to work with Fusco again in the future.

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