Amber Heard On Domestic Violence Victims: 'You Are Not Alone'; Actress Writes Open Letter To Survivors

By Carla Grace Mesina , Updated Dec 14, 2016 07:49 AM EST

Amber Heard once again has spoken about domestic violence. And she wants to let the victims know that they are never alone.

The powerful letter written by Amber Heard is for Porter Magazine's December issue. The "Justice League" actress detailed the trauma the abuse causes and the shame it comes with when reporting it, Entertainment Tonight reports.

To recall, Amber Heard earlier accused "The Pirates of the Caribbean" star Johnny Depp of abusing her verbally and physically during their short-lived relationship. They separated on May after Depp hit her with a phone.

Amber Heard then filed a divorce on May while Depp filed a response as well. After that, the latter issued a restraining order against "The Pirates of the Caribbean" actor. She is now in the final stages of divorcing her soon-to-be ex husband.

In her letter, Amber Heard started by telling her "silent sisters" that they are not alone. She then reminded them of their strength.

Amber Heard continued on by saying how she was raised to stand in her own two feet. She added, "I never felt like anyone would or could rescue me, so naturally I resented the label of 'victim'."

Amber Heard did not mention any names in her letter. But then again, it is clear that she is talking about her own experience.

Although the letter written by Amber Heard is good for empowering domestic abuse survivors, this might probably cause some issues on her agreement with Depp, according to TMZ. If Depp's camp will find it as a violation in her confidentiality clause, Depp can call their $6.8 miliion agreement off.

This is not the first time Amber Heard has shared her experience with domestic abuse. Just last month, she issued a touching public service announcement for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

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