‘Dota 2’ Patch 7.00 Release Date, News & Update: 5 Major Changes [We’re Sure] Players Missed

By Henry Abragan , Updated Dec 14, 2016 07:00 AM EST

"Dota 2" has just received new patch 7.00 from Valve. The update came following the crashing issues reported about the notes that were set to go live. Now, the game is confirmed to run with complete details of major changes that come with the free-to-play MOBA.

The giant neutral creep Roshan in "Dota 2" that teams fight over at every match to earn gold, experience and a special item that he gives upon defeat is reported to move up river. Also, heroes will now have skill trees and backpack that store extra items, including a new building type named Altar, which stands near every side of the secret shop.

"Dota 2" is also getting a new character that appears to be among the small changes. According to reports, the new patch notes are divided into four sections -  one that is dedicated to the new hero, the redesign of the HUD of the game, the changes given to the pre-game mechanics and the normal changes to items, heroes and the map that are included with every new patch.

The new "Dota 2" hero is reportedly called Monkey King that is a melee type with escape and disable skills who also plays in the carry position. On the other hand, his ultimate is named Wukong's Command, in which the Monkey King blows onto the battlefield a tuft of fur, summon a group of monkey soldiers to go with him in the fight, Kotaku reported.

Meanwhile, Mogul Khan the Axe is another melee strength hero in "Dota 2" that is considered to be among the best initiators in the free to play Multiplayer Online Battle arena. His skills are reported to create chaos in the battles and also disrupt enemy formations.

Moreover, Mogul Khan comes with a power to Enrage an enemy unit in "Dota 2" through his Battle Hunger. Reports state that any hero or enemy unit that will be affected by the Battle Hunger of Axe will have a slow speed of movement and take damage over time, according to report. Watch 7.00 PATCH UPDATE Dota 2 - MONKEY KING RELEASED!

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